All Eyes on the Gulf Expedition

Jane and I were Team 6 of the "All Eyes on the Gulf Expedition". This was a partnership of the non profit animal rights groups World Animal Awareness Society and Kinship Circle. We were deployed Aug. 14 - 28 as volunteer spotter / documenters. We had volunteered with every group known to man and when accepted for this jumped at the chance. Our part of the expedition consisted of walking the shoreline looking for oiled an non oiled wildlife and oiled habitat. We embedded on boats with Coast Guard, National Fish and Wildlife, and the Sea Turtle Restoration Project. On our return we were asked to be Ohio Regional Directors or the World Animal group.We will bring photos and video of our trip as well as other reference material.

During our deployment we conducted interviews on the beach, at the Marine Mammal Institute in Mississippi and with Dr. Linda Bui at LSU. Some of the latter may be seen on YouTube. We also attended (kinda crashed) a news conference with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and other dignitaries.

About us: Jane works as a paralegal in a Ravenna law office and is a lifelong animal / nature lover with multiple pets. I am semi retired and a long time amateur nature / wildlife photographer living in Wadsworth with my feline companion, Trey. I should mention that Jane and I have made several trips into the Everglades in search of the Florida panther. We work and travel well together, share common interests, and, most importantly, Jane is my daughter.