Title: Effective management, or ecological/evolutionary traps?  The importance of animal behavior in designing and implementing effective wildlife management strategies

Speaker: Dr. Jay Mager, Ohio Northern


For the presentation, I would like to talk a bit about the cues animals use to select habitats appropriate for various activities of their lives, how they have been selected for through natural selection, and how understanding these can be used to better management programs.


Jay is an Associate Professor of Biological and Allied Health Sciences at Ohio Northern University, where he teaches courses in ecology, animal behavior, ornithology, and wildlife management.  He is interested in the behavioral ecology of birds, and its application to pertinent conservation and management issues.  His current efforts involve learning how common loons (Gavia immeruse acoustic signals to acquire and defend breeding territories.   He is currently the chair of the Terry Keiser Distinguished Lectureship in Natural Sciences, serves on the Ohio Northern University's Center for Teacher Education (CTE), and participates within various departmental, college, and university committees. Jay earned his BA from Hiram College, MS from Miami University and PhD from Cornell University.