Title: Injured and Orphan Wildlife: What to Know, and What to Do!


Speaker: Joseph Ferrara



Wild animals are a common sight in Ohio, and in spring young wildlife emerge into our world. Well-meaning people sometimes do more harm than good by trying to help these creatures that might just not need help at all.  Did you know that cottontail rabbits leave their young unattended and alone all day and only return at dawn and dusk to feed? Human intervention isn’t always the answer where nature is concerned. Join Joe Ferrara from the ODNR Division of Wildlife to learn more about how to respond to seemingly injured or orphaned wildlife, and what you can do to help keep the wild in wildlife.



Joseph Ferrara serves as a Customer Service Assistant for the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s District Three Headquarters. Wildlife District Three covers 19 northeast Ohio counties and is stationed in Akron.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management, he began his career with ODNR in 2005, Division of Wildlife in 2013.  Joe’s responsibilities include serving a liaison to the public by providing technical guidance to people with concerns or questions regarding wildlife. Such issues include orphaned/injured wildlife conflict scenarios, and general information needs on matters of the Division. Joe is responsible for a lengthy list of basic administrative duties as well.  He currently resides in Concord with his wife and two dogs.