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Children's Websites on birds

Page last updated February 12, 2003

Dear Ohio Birds, et al:

So many of you have asked me to share what the Ohio birders sent for
Children's Websites on birds that I have compiled them here for you.
Thank you everyone. I am also on the trail of the website for the
Science Olympiad, since Larry Rosche brought it to my attention. The
competition is held at the elementary, middle and high school levels in
various areas of the state and nationally, so I do not have specific info
yet for Ohio. Please pass this along if you have it since several were
interested. It may be www.battay.

In addition, Darlene Sillick has a wonderful list of bird websites for
all ages and lists of good books and other publications, but I received
it as an attachment. Please contact her at,
if you would like a copy.

Caveat: I have tried my best to copy these accurately- but no

Here are the websites that were recommended for children, especially
older elementary and above:

Commercial: This was highly recommended for children

Our favorite for Ohio Birds:

Ducks Unlimited (game)

Journey North

USGS and ID and sounds

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: and and with pictures & sounds. The
Classroom Feeder Watch program was recommended but there is a charge-
contact for information.

Biodiversity Institute

ALSO: with sounds

Nests and eggs:

A great UK site from the RSPB Young Ornithologists Club:

Thank you again everyone and good birding !!

Kathleen Bradley- Berea, O.
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