Title: The Chorus Returns to the Stage: bird song and amphibian song in March

Speaker: Lisa Rainsong


The music of March has displaced the quiet of winter! Our resident birds have already been singing for weeks, and our hardiest spring migrants have recently joined them. Frogs are singing day and night in vernal pools and marshes. Triumphant and urgent, the early spring choruses can be the most engaging of the entire year. Cleveland Institute of Music professor Dr. Lisa Rainsong will share her field recordings and photos of our singers while explaining how to listen and learn their songs.



Lisa Rainsong holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition from CIM and is a member of CIMís music theory faculty.A professional soprano as well as a teacher and composer, she sings with the professional early music ensemble Quire Cleveland.Lisa also earned a Naturalist Certificate from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. She does field recording of bird songs and insect songs, presents programs around the state on the music of nature, and does field research on crickets and katydids Ė research work that is done primarily by ear.Her recordings and photos can be found on her blog, Listening in Nature at listeninginnature.blogspot.com.