Title: Peregrine Falcons in Ohio:  A Glimpse into the lives of the Fastest Animal on Earth

Speaker: Chad and Chris Saladin


Once absent from this part of the country, peregrine falcons have rebounded to the point that Northeast Ohio has become a "hot spot" for peregrine activity over the past 20 years.  As monitors and passionate observers of peregrine falcons in Ohio, Chad and Chris Saladin have followed various peregrine falcon individuals, pairs, and nests and have been sharing their photos and experiences first through the former Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH falcon cam) website and now through their own Facebook page (C&C's Ohio Peregrine Page).  Peregrines are among the most researched, studied, and revered animals in the world and there is so much to talk about with this astounding bird of prey that Chad and Chris will only be able to scratch the surface regarding the lives of peregrines during this talk.  Utilizing a Power Point slide presentation featuring their photos, Chad and Chris will provide information about this very specialized raptor and share about their varied experiences with them.  Questions and comments will be welcomed and appreciated!


Chad and Chris Saladin are a husband and wife team with a shared extensive interest in and passion for peregrine falcons.  Since the late 1990s they have monitored and studied peregrines in Ohio, first as "official" volunteers participating in the nest monitoring program through the Ohio Division of Wildlife (when peregrines were on the endangered species list) during which time they also volunteered with the Medina Raptor Center to assist with rescue and rehabilitation efforts with injured birds of prey.  Chad and Chris have continued to observe and photograph various peregrine nests in Ohio, focusing particularly on those nests that may require assistance or intervention.  Their passion has continued to evolve and has focused more on understanding these magnificent falcons in the "urban wild" as the peregrine population has stabilized in Ohio.  They post their photos and information about Ohio peregrines on Facebook under "C&C's Ohio Peregrine Page".