Kenya offers  Africa in a nutshell, from the soda-encrusted, flamingo-filled Rift Valley lakes to alpine Mt. Kenya and the western lowland forests at Kakamega.  These habitats, combined with bird-rich savannas, Tsavo’s semi-deserts and the mammal-filled parks, make Kenya a logical choice for anyone planning their first African birding adventure.  You will probably see more bird and mammal species on a tour in Kenya than any other African trip.  John and Judy Wilkinson will present a photographic documentary of their professionally guided birding trip to Kenya in 2010 with the well known tour company Tropical Birding.




Long-time Tallmadge residents John and Judy Wilkinson became interested in birding about fifteen years ago, along with through their youngest son Brad, who just graduated with a degree in Zoology from Miami University and plans to pursue a career in bird research and island habitat conservation.  Along with Brad, they have birded many of the well known birding hotspots across the continental United States.  Although they are not serious life-listers, they always enjoy seeing new bird species and experiencing the wide variety of natural places where they are found.  To expand their birding experiences and satisfy their curiosity about the rest of the world, a few years ago they began taking international guided birding trips, primarily with Tropical Birding.  They have been to Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and most recently Thailand.