March 24, 2020 meeting has been CANCELLED due to Covid-19


Title: Warbler Warm-up


Speaker: Matthew Valencic  & Kelly Kozlowski


 Matt’s ‘trigger bird’ into birding was the Blackburnian Warbler. While a student at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station in the Adirondacks, he joined other students and a teaching assistant for a 6 am bird walk. He saw a lot of new birds that morning, but the bright orange throat of his first Blackburnian Warbler hooked him.

He has continued watching birds but not in a serious way until about 10 years ago when he bought new binoculars, a spotting scope and a camera. He wanted “a decent picture” of every bird on his life list and so began the accumulation of LOTS of pictures. When he retired in 2015, he met the Audubon folks in Cleveland and found an outlet for those bird pictures. He began creating educational bird presentations like the one we will see today.

For this talk he teamed up with his good friend Kelly Kozlowski because of her passion and knowledge of birds, but especially of warblers. They have been presenting this talk together ever since.



Some of the prettiest birds on the planet are in NE Ohio from April through October. Most just pass through during May on their way north, but some stay here to have their babies. Because we only see them for a short time every year we forget how to quickly identify them. This presentation uses actual photographs to help group birds by appearance AND preferred habitat. See all the warblers with eye rings on one slide. Learn about behaviors like tail wagging, skulking on the ground and walking along branches to help narrow down choices. You will learn to appreciate trilling, buzzy and high-pitched songs to narrow down birds you hear but can’t see. We even send you home with a list of mnemonics like zay zay zay zoo zee (Black-throated Green Warbler)