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Mingo Shelter Directions and Maps

Page last updated October 27, 2010

Directions and Maps to the Mingo Shelter using the link to MapQuest from the MetroParks webpages can be misleading because the address of the Mingo Shelter is given as 1501 Sand Run Parkway (the shelter), but MapQuest gives you maps and directions to 1501 Sand Run Road (a residence!) The maps and directions given below should help alleviate the confusion. First an area map of the Sand Run Parkway with the approximate location of the shelter denoted by the red star is given below:

Sand Run Park Area Map

The next map is a more detailed one showing the location of the shelter (again, a red star) in the Park more precisely. Note the relative locations of the ford (roughly 1/4 mile west of the shelter) and the entrance to the Service Facility (roughly 100 yards east of the shelter.) The location of the ford is important as a landmark AND because the ford may be closed due to inclement weather. If there are "Road Closed" signs at the Sand Run Road and Portage Path entrances to the park, this means that the only access to the Mingo Shelter is from the east (Portage Path.)

Mingo Shelter Detail Map

We have also put together a one page document giving a map of the Sand Run Park and some directions on how to get to the Mingo Shelter. Click here.

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