Title: "Antarctica & South Georgia"   

 Speaker: Mark Purdy


Antarctica is a land of extremes.  It is the coldest, driest, highest, windiest, and iciest continent.  But in the Antarctic summer, it becomes a nature lovers' paradise.  Weather is tolerable, wildlife is abundant, and the scenery is spectacular.     South Georgia, a temperate island nearly a 1000 miles away, offers its own amazing variety of wildlife.     This presentation will examine both locales.    Be prepared to meet a wealth of sea birds, sea mammals, penguins, and more!  


Mark, a native of Kentucky, obtained BS and PhD degrees from the University of Kentucky and North Carolina State University, then migrated to the Akron area in 1983, where he worked in aerospace research until retirement in 2012.     He now volunteers for the Greater Akron Audubon Society and Bath Nature Preserve, and coaches at Revere High School.    He has travelled extensively, visiting every continent, generally with an emphasis on nature.