Title: Famous People in North America and their Fowl Obsessions


Speaker: Dwight Chasar




Purportedly there are nearly 70-80 million people in North America who watch birds.  One would guess that at least a few of these people are (or have been) more famous for accomplishments in their chosen vocations rather than for their bird watching obsessions.  So who are they?  From political and sports figures to actors, music composers, and Nobel prize winners, this presentation looks at some of these famous people, with some surprising and interesting facts thrown in, and the impact that their bird watching has or had on their careers, their private lives and maybe ours as well.   The speaker will try to identify birds that these people favored in their hobby.




Dwight is a retired industrial research organic chemist.  He has enjoyed many aspects of field ornithology including finding nests of out of place birds, leading bird walks for the public, surveying bird populations, travelling to other countries to see birds, participating in bird oriented organizations, and chemistry related to birds.  Somehow he enjoys turning those subjects into publications or presentations.