Program Description

The video is titled "Birding without binoculars with Bill". It is a compilation of many of the birds found in northern Ohio. It is a series of many video clips of our feathered friends. This is not a lecture. I am hoping for audience participation. I encourage remarks, comments and audience feedback. The video is presented for everyone to sit back relax and enjoy our local birds.

About the Speaker

Bill Deininger, Born and raised in the Greater Cleveland area. Currently living in Lakewood. I am married with three children and one grandson. I have been a birder since my teenage years. I am a current member of the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society and the Kirtland Bird Club.  I am a leader for the Spring Audubon walks in the Greater Cleveland area. I can be found most weekends with camera in my hands at our many Northern Ohio bird trails and birding hot spots.