Matt Valencic (for Akron Audubon eBird Program Sept. 25, 2018)


Matt is a long-time birder, bird photographer and member of Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland (ASGC).  During his career in sales he was always ‘crunching numbers’ against his quota, relying on information stored in his customer relationship software. As his birding life list grew (an EXCEL spreadsheet) he yearned for a way to archive more information about his bird checklists, just as he could with his business software.  In 2009 he found his answer in eBird and has been using it and teaching others to use it ever since.


When he retired and joined ASGC he started using eBird data in newsletter articles and would reference that the data came from eBird.  He started writing short eBird tutorials as a way of enticing newsletter readers to start using eBird regularly.  One day someone asked if he could show a group of people how to get started and that led to eBird 101 – An Introduction to Using eBird the program he will present to us tonight.