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Christmas Bird Count & Chili Dinner

Page last updated on March 2, 2019

Current News

The 2019 count will be held on Sunday, December 15, 2019
Want to participate? Contact CBC Organizer or
If you wish to participate in the Feeder Count and live in the Count territory, you can download information at
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Chili Dinner back at Mingo!

The chili dinner will be held at the Mingo Shelter starting at 5:00 pm.


CBC 2018 Summary
CBC 2017 Summary
CBC 2016 Summary
CBC 2015 Summary
The results of the count for the last few years (up thru 2016) are given in an Excel file.

The official CBC website given below has this information, but this format is more convenient for those people who wish to see changes over time.
(Note: entries with an asterisk (*) were pending; cw = count week)

History of the Christmas Bird Count

Each year the chapter participates in the Christmas bird count conducted in December just before Christmas. After the count, we have our annual Chili Dinner.

If you are interested in participating in the future, send e-mail to the address given at the bottom of this page and the information will be forwarded to the organizers. Another alternative is to send e-mail to one of the organizers directly at The most important thing is to get in touch with us; we'd love to hear from you. Participating in the count is a great way to improve your birding skills since you will be teamed with experienced birders.

Members roam throughout their assigned territory counting birds that they either see or hear. Many of the previous counters started as novice birders who worked with more accomplished birders during the count. Having an extra set of eyes to find birds helps make the count more accurate. In addition, the novice can learn how to recognize birds by sight, sound, and environment.

The long term benefit of this activity is a record of how the distribution of species and counts within species changes over the years. This data is of importance to biologists and environmentalists who wish to monitor the changes that occur on a regional or national level, not just a local level.

A fitting finale to the count is then to attend the Chili Dinner held by the Chapter to help warm the insides after a "chili" day of counting.

For more details on the count or the dinner, check out our Monthly meetings webpage. For more information on the count at the national level, click on CBC Home Page

We have some pictures that were taken during the very snowy 2004 event. Thanks to Roberta Gallagher for taking them. As you can see, it was quite a snowy day. You can click on an image to open a larger window of that picture.

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