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Summer Bird Census

Page last updated on April 11, 2019

Come Count With Us! Plan to join us for the 2019 census. This year the census will be from June 14 to June 23. See you in the field!

Contact Doug Vogus at 330-352-2355 (email for more information. If you are new to birding you are welcome to join us and work on your birding skills.

History of the census

The chapter participates in the summer bird census each year. Over approximately one week, members roam throughout their assigned territory counting birds that they either see or hear. Many of the counters started as novice birders who worked with more accomplished birders during the count. Having an extra set of eyes to find birds helps make the count more accurate. In addition, the novice can learn how to recognize birds by sight, sound, and environment.

Until 2014, Dwight and Ann Chasar were primarily responsible for coordinating the census with assistance from others; starting in 2014 Doug and Michelle Vogus have assumed this responsibility. Thank you Dwight and Ann for your years of service!

This last year (2018) the census was held from June 15 through June 24. Birders had this 10 day period to observe and count the birds in their assigned territories. If you are interested in participating in the future, please contact Doug Vogus using the information given below.

The long term benefit of this activity is a record of how the distribution of species and counts within species changes over the years. This data is of importance to biologists and environmentalists who wish to monitor the changes that occur on a regional or national level, not just a local level.

Any birder who wants more information please contact Doug at 330-352-2355 (e-mail

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You can look at the results of previous counts given on an Excel spreadsheet at the following link:

Summer Bird Census Summary 1978-2013

Individual years' results with additional information including participants are given below:
Summer 2000
Summer 2001
Summer 2002
Summer 2003
Summer 2004
Summer 2005
Summer 2006
Summer 2007
Summer 2008
Summer 2009
Summer 2010
Summer 2011
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Summer 2013
Summer 2014
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Summer 2018

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